Zionists are out there getting paid to argue with you on social networks and to promote Israeli propaganda. 

Save your energy. Use your energy for something more worthwhile. You are not getting paid, your time is valuable.

In case you think they’re joking. [Link]

what the fuck

That’s not even the tip of the ice berg:

Biased Wikipedia editing in Israel raises concerns of political meddling

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers

Israel invests millions in drive for elite ‘cyber warriors’

Hasbara spam alert

Israel recruits ‘army of bloggers’ to combat anti-Zionist Web sites

The right’s latest weapon: ‘Zionist editing’ on Wikipedia

Wikipedia Editing for Zionists

Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda

Israel to pay students to defend it online

Israel plans to pay university students to defend it on social media sites

ADL orders YouTube to disable Press TV account: Emadi

Israeli students to get $2,000 to spread state propaganda on Facebook

"Hasbara" courses at Israeli universities exposed in new report

Pay for Comments – Confessions of a Paid Disinformation Internet Shill

FBI Investigating JIDF, David Brotsky For Hacking, Fraud, Harassment

The internet: Israel’s new PR battlefield

Rona Kuperboim slams Foreign Ministry’s plan to hire pro-Israel talkbackers

Esc and Ctrl: The Guardian investigates Israeli internet Hasbara

Israel has decided to reach out to young US men by publishing images of semi-clad female former soldiers in US men’s magazine, Maxim

ADL gets $7.5 million to launch global anti-Semitism index

Twitterers paid to spread Israeli propaganda

With Israel’s foreign ministry organizing volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments, Propaganda 2.0 is here

Google’s impossible plan to fix our broken world

Search the Database: Google Execs Private Jet Adventures

The girl who went to Kate and Pippa’s school, the £15bn ($22.8bn) Google chief and a romance that has rocked Silicon Valley

Note: Israel is not the only nation we know that does this. For more information on online subversion, please see my associated tags pertaining to JTRIG and Snowden’s leaks.

Now to think of it, i take some of this back.

Thank you for those countering Zionist lies. Thanks to those taking your time to  reveal the lies.

We are not being paid for this, the ones that argue on social networks are doing this out of their heart and from their passion for justice and truth.

Israel has lost the war in social media, that is evident. We need to continue this work. Increase your spills on the issue. Counter Israeli lies, expose them. Fight back with truth.

This work is necessary work when the western media continues to report lies that support genocide.

The third Intifada will be international and will be taken to social networks. 






It’s beautiful.

The only flag waving is the Palestinian flag. Every party, every group, all of them raising only the Palestinian flag and chanting old Palestinian revolutionary songs.

We have not seen this big an action since the second intifada.

Gaza will never stand alone.

Palestina se levanta.

Palestine rises. Enough is enough. Ya BASTA!



In Pictures: Childbirth under Israeli attack

The emergency department of Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital takes in between 25-50 pregnant women per day.

As the emergency department of the al-Shifa hospital becomes increasingly overcrowded, a steady stream of pregnant Palestinian women is arriving in a building tucked behind the main hospital. Receiving between 25 to 50 women per day they are now having to redirect medical supplies to the intensive care unit.

Among the women is 28-year-old Hanan al-Mahessn. On the second day of the air strikes, her neighbour’s home was hit and destroyed. “I started to feel sick. Then the bleeding started,” she told Al Jazeera. Hanan was rushed to the hospital and lost three pints of blood. After going into surgery, her baby was delivered, but had died in the womb. The doctors made the decision to tell her that her little girl was in a special care unit as they felt she was too ill to receive the news. A day later she learnt the truth.

"My children are used to this war. They have grown up with the sound of bombs," said Mariam Guneed, 39, a mother of eight. "We must have many children here, because we lose so many in the wars," Mariam reflects as she returns to her room to sit and await the birth of her ninth child.

Less than a few kilometres from Shifa is the al-Awda hospital in the Jabalaya refugee camp of Gaza, one of the poorest areas of the city. At just 30 minutes old Nisreen has been born into a country under siege. The sounds of Israeli drones and bombardments can be heard above and the all too familiar whoosh of a Hamas rocket breaks the silence of the city. In a few days time, she will leave the hospital with her mother into an area which has suffered a large number of Israeli air strikes.

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